New Business Checklist

Are you a new business in Walker? The following is a list of items that need to be addressed before you open.

  • Clerk's Office - Call 616-791-6865. You will need to complete a Business License Application (PDF) and submit a $25 fee.
  • Income Tax - Call 616-791-6880 or stop by. If you are an employer who has employees, it is mandatory that you withhold Walker tax from your employees' wages. Go to the Employer Withholding Tool to register to withhold Walker income tax; Fill out SS-4 form and follow instructions to submit. A PIN number will be provided that will enable you to activate your account. Sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations (including S corporations) doing business in Walker are required to file a business income tax return. Withholding forms, Corporate and Partnership forms and Walker resident and non-resident 1040 forms can be found online or picked up at the office.
  • Community Development - If you are making any changes to your building, check with Community Development regarding the necessary permits. Call 616-791-6858.
  • Assessing Department - A Business Personal Property Statement will need to be completed by February 20th. Call the Assessor's office with questions at 616-791-6862.
  • Fire Department - The Fire Prevention Bureau will stop in to conduct an inspection. If you will be leasing space, you should ensure that your landlord has all of the exit and emergency lights in working order and they have had up-to-date inspections on any fire systems that are in the building. Call 616-791-6840.
  • Police Department - The Police Department relies on the emergency contact information submitted to the Clerk's office on your business license application. Nothing additional needs to be submitted unless you are an MLCC establishment.