Zig Zag Ultimate Frisbee

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Ultimate Frisbee

***Zig Zag Ultimate Frisbee is run and organized by Zig Zag (not the City of Walker). All questions should go to Mike Zaagman at mike@zigzagultimate.com (616) 606-3472.

Sign up online through our online portal

 Play Ultimate Frisbee this Fall! This is a co-ed 4-8th Grade program - practice together and split up for games. We are a first-year program joining a league which boasts school teams from Walker Charter Academy, West Side Christian, West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science and more! We expect most to have never played before - even if you don't know how to throw a disc that's ok! We have professional coaches who want to teach you. 


Watch a "How to play" video here

Combining the nonstop movement and athletic endurance of soccer with the aerial passing skills of football, a game of Ultimate Frisbee is played two seven-player teams on a field. The object of the game is to score points by catching a pass in the opponent’s end zone. A player must stop running while in possession of the disc but may pivot and pass to any of the other receivers on the field. 

Just like basketball, Ultimate Frisbee is a transition game in which players move quickly from offense to defense on turnovers that occur with a dropped pass, an interception, a pass out of bounds, or when a player is caught holding the disc for more than ten seconds. Although Ultimate Frisbee resembles many traditional sports in its basic athletic requirements, the rules are simpler, which allows the game to be self-officiated. The concept of Spirit of the Game is integrated into the basic philosophy of the sport, it is written into the rules and is practiced at all levels of the games from local leagues to the World games. 


  • September 13 - October 28th


  • 1x week for 1.5-2 hours
  • GAMES vs. 30 other teams in the Greater Grand Rapids area. 
  • Friday's 5:30-7:30pm @ Rotating location. 


  • Cleats: Soccer, football, or lacrosse (not baseball or anything with metal)
  • Jersey
  • Water bottle to every practice and game


  • First practice week of Sept 13
  • First Game Friday Sept 23 5:30-7:30pm


  • $50
  • Includes Practices + Friday games
  • Scholarships are available! Can't stress this enough - we have a foundation dedicated to enabling players to play.