Special Response Team (SRT)


The Special Response Team (SRT) is deployed for critical incidents that occur within the City of Walker. Special Response Team members have access toSRT Badge 2 specialty equipment and take part in monthly trainings to better prepare them for any incident type for which they may be called upon. Examples of situations the SRT may respond to are barricaded subjects, active shootings, clearing buildings suspected of containing dangerous subjects, and shootings in which a suspect is still at large.

SRT Commander:
Sgt. Tom Raisanen

Cpl. Andrew Ringling, Cpl. Chris Wietfeldt, Cpl. Andrew Jeltema, Cpl. Steve Ritzenhein, Det. Luke Biel, Ofc. Kurt Bindus, Ofc. Jon Kooistra, Ofc. Mitch Campbell, & Ofc. Zack Pasternak

SRT School Training