Skate Maintenance

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Skate Sharpening/Skate Baking/skate repairs

No matter if you’re digging up your rust-bitten garage skates or maintaining that edge in the midst of a grueling hockey season, our experts provide quality skate sharpening, repairs, and skate baking for all ranges of skates.  We recommend calling ahead of time to ensure one of our team is available for the service you require – (616) 735-6286.


Skate Sharpening -IMG_0158 - Copy

  • $5

Skate Baking -

  • $10 (for skates not purchased at our Pro-Shop)
  • $0 (for first baking for skates purchased at our Pro-Shop; $10 for any subsequent baking)

Repairs -

Please contact our Ice Director at (616) 735-6286 ext. 6112 for information/quotes