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September is Sport Eye Safety Awareness Month

It’s estimated that 90% of the sports-related eye injuries that occur each year could have been prevented if proper precautions had been taken (source: friendsforsight.org).  In hockey, one of the best ways to protect your eyes, head and face is to wear a properly fitted helmet with face protection. For all youth, junior and collegiate players a full cage is required in the USA.  For adults, while the cage is not required, it’s still a great option.  Visors to cover the eyes or full face are also available for adult players

The first step in protecting your head and face is making sure your helmet fits properly.  The WIFC Pro-Shop staff are trained in helmet fitting and can help you make the right selection. 

We have a wide range of helmets, cages, full and half visors available.  Two popular helmet combo options for adults are:
Warrior Alpha 1 Pro Senior Helmet with Cage - Copy (2)

One of the most popular options for youth players is the CCM Fitlite 3DS youth helmet combo.  This helmet has been specifically designed for players aged 4-7 and is intended to be tailored to individual kids with its customizable components.  One of the things that parents love about this helmet/cage combo is that it can be adjusted without tools.  Just $58 + tax.
Warrior Alpha 1 Pro Senior Helmet with Cage (1)

Our cage, visor and half visor options include:

CCM Revision Fastclip Visor

CCM Resistance 300 Senior Cage

Bauer Concept 3 Full Face Protector